26th 2008
In search of “the hanuman Coin”

Posted under ART OF LIVING

In India there are many people who go hanuman coin hunting like the gold hunting or marine jewelry search. People looking forward to making a lot of money go for this wild search. It is believed that the coin sells for millions of rupees. Even then people do not sell since it can get the owner all that he desires. Its like the Alibaba lamp of the Arabian stories . There are many stories in the market selling case studies of people who have become wealthy and popular because of the coin.

The market claims that it is a coin made of special metals including iron. It has the logo of hanuman, the monkey God of Ramayana epic. God Hanuman was very powerful, who could fly with mountains with his hand. The coin can carry such powers . The coin has special metals which are unknown to scientists. The coin attracts white rice like a magnet. Even though heavy it will float on water. Its colour is mysterious.

Its search is very tedious. The veteran hunters will tell you many case studies of hunting and success. They will also tell you how near they were to the coin. But you have to meet many people before meeting the veterans. Then starts the journey. The owners of the coin are usually special people. Some one living in a big palace is willing to meet with special treatments. It is said that when all his bodily desires are fulfilled he may give it free. You go on satisfying all his carvings. That fellow gets satisfied but never full. Then you look for the next man. He is a pauper living in a small hamlet. He is always intoxicated. He may prefer to meet at the burning cemetery only. He is wild and whimsical. He wants cheap wine , grass and tens of thousands of rupees for fixing an appointment. He will fix meetings but will not meet. You go on paying for fixing meetings hoping to get very rich with the next meeting. When he meets he scolds and calls with all dirty words. When you react he says that he will call the police , and get you arrested. At that time the guide will tell you how powerful he is , and how many police officers are trying to get the coin from him.

Sometimes the owner will demand huge sums of money at dead of the night. You have no option but to take loans at higher rates of interest.

Then you meet people who can get the coin from the achievers who have purchased and got rich. They have achieved everything and got every desire fulfilled. They do not need the coin anymore. There are secret brokers for the achievers. But each negotiation costs you hundreds of thousands of rupees. If you pay then you can wait for the big man to fly for you. He cancels his flight. But by this time you have lost a lot of money. You do not want to borrow more. Your lender starts hackling you. You are desperate. You want to run away from the hunting group.

But some are intelligent. They pursue the investigation to find that the coin does not exit. The veterans also tell him the story of loosing money and missing coin. The intelligent person joins the group of veterans. They tell the stories. They get their shares for story telling, fixing appointment with owners, managing the police etc. They even get their share from the money lenders who have given loans for meeting the investments. You are happy to be a part of the group and get many things- money, respect, hangers-on, girls etc.

The same story repeats with many Godmen. There are many people who do all sorts of puja, prayers, meditation, yoga, They offer flowers, leaves, sweets, milk, yogurt, honey , money to the Gods and Goddesses. They try to satisfy all the millions of Gods. Some any desperation look for benefits in the next birth. The very intelligent ones look for the benefits in this birth . They join the hands with veteran Godmen to learn the secrets of God achievement. Once aware of the top secrets, the search takes a different journey. The veterans and junior veterans join the coterie of power selling. The junior becomes the story teller, while the senior becomes the Godman and sells his immense power. The combined can use their blessings to get you all the worldly pleasures riches, power, position, promotion, women etc. The desire less Godmen join the business of satisfying cravings of the worldly people. Many have their shares of the pleasures as “prasadam”. The story goes on on , with generations.